Heathrow Consultations

The Government will be taking a public consultations simultaneously on Night flights, UK airspace, and Heathrow expansion. Links to all three can be found here:

Night Flights         UK Airspace         Heathrow Expansion

I would urge you to submit your views in time for the end of the consultation on Feb 28th for Night Flights, and May 25th. Details for responding to the consultations can be found in the links, slightly further down the page.


You can attend one of the local consultations in person - the nearest one will now be in Richmond on the 10th March, more details HERE


Hacan has provided some useful briefings:

e.g. For National Policy Statement 

"The consultations do not tell us exactly where the new flight paths may be"

e.g. for Airspace strategy

"It argues that noise should be the key issue when flying planes below 4,000 ft and only one of the factors between 4,000 and 7,000 ft. That would be a continuation of the current situation. On the basis of where complaints come to us, HACAN argues that noise should be the main consideration up until at least 6,000ft. 

It proposes an Independent Noise Authority, ICCAN. It proposes a fully independent body; advisory rather than regulatory. Funding would come from Government to pay for a Board and a Secretariat. It would be housed within the CAA but independent of it. Local communities generally welcome the setting up of an Independent Noise Authority but will want guarantees that it will be truly independent and will have teeth."