Save Kneller Hall

I am dismayed to hear this announcement from the MoD, particularly considering that there has been no public consultation on the sale of Kneller Hall. The Royal Military School of Music at Kneller Hall has a special place in our community - its summer proms are great fun and always packed; and the World War One re-enactment of the Christmas football match is a special memory for me personally.

I am also conscious of the important role that Kneller Hall plays in ensuring that we have an armed forces base locally and our Remembrance Day services are attended by an increasingly large number of residents who value Kneller Hall's presence at our wreath laying ceremonies.

I do not support these plans and will be fighting them together with local councillors. I have asked ministers to meet with me and reverse their decision, and I will be asking local residents to join me in signing my petition I have started against the sale, which has been presented to Parliament.

An offical petition can be signed by calling in to Ultralux (next to Tesco on Whitton High Street). Councillor Gareth Elliott and Alan Butler have petition forms. You can also contact my office to get forms for signatures.

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Question to Mark Lancaster on Kneller Hall

I questioned Mark Lancaster, Under Secretary of State for Defence, on committing to maintaining the military presence of Kneller Hall in Whitton. The Minister agreed to keep the concerts #SaveKnellerHall.

Kneller Hall Petition comes to Parliament

Dr Mathias said: “I am grateful to all those locally who have taken the time to sign the petition and have their voices heard on this important issue for our community. Kneller Hall is a much loved part of Whitton and it would be a heartless and ill-judged act by the MoD to sell it off in the face of such strong local opposition....