Community and Schools

Twickenham has a long history of producing quality entrepreneurs and engineers. Fostering the spirit of this in our schools is absolutely essential to continuing that tradition. I have campaigned with famous local inventor Trevor Baylis to support the introduction of more construction toys like Meccano to children at a younger age, to aid the development of analytical and spatial reasoning skills.

I have received many emails regarding the low availability of school places for Twickenham residents. Finding the site for a new school has proven to be a major obstacle, whilst progress is slow, I am supportive of the council's efforts to build in East Twickenham.

I have been particularly concerned by the performance of the West London Coroner’s Court, which covers Twickenham, and I have met a number of constituents with upsetting stories about how the delays and poor performance of the coroner’s office have caused them and their families great distress. I am working with Kingston MP James Berry to put pressure on the Cheif Coroner to improve his performance or stand aside.


School funding in London debate

My speech during the debate asking for increased funding for schools and raising considerations for longer term funding for children with SEN

Brexit Negotiations and EU Nationals

My question to Secretary of State David Davis asking that in Brexit negotiations we ensure our borders remain open to EU nationals, be they students, workers, or family members. The Minister agreed.