About Tania Mathias

“I have worked with Tania on Richmond borough issues for many years. She is passionate about her work and a great campaigner.“ - Zac Goldsmith MP

“Tania is a great organiser and regular campaigner who has an ability to motivate others.” - Syed Kamall MEP


As your MP, I will fight for our environment, our homes, businesses, schools and care in the community. I am against Heathrow expansion, in favour of local planning powers, low taxation, minimal interference from Europe, and excellence in our schools and health service.

A little about me.  After graduating in Medicine and working as a medical doctor in the NHS, I also worked as a refugee officer for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) in the Gaza Strip and treated HIV, AIDS and TB patients in Africa. I have also treated leprosy patients in North Bihar, India and South China.

Twickenham has been my home for the last sixteen years, where I  served as a local councillor and local school governor.



Health and Social Care: I support a “free at the point of delivery” health care service and integrated social and health care. Above all I support quality and innovation in the NHS.

Education: I support good education for all that involves choice for parents whether in the state, grammar or private sector.

A smaller state: I believe in promoting businesses and supporting enterprise with low corporate taxes and competitive personal tax levels. I believe the needs of people who are vulnerable or disabled can be protected best under a fiscally strong Conservative government.

Environment: I champion the views of my constituents in my strong opposition to the expansion of Heathrow airport. I feel that the natural beauty of Britain’s rivers and green spaces deserve to be protected to the utmost.

Security: I wholly support the work of the Metropolitan Police in ensuring that Twickenham is one of the safest constituencies in London; it is this positive police presence that should be replicated across our nation to protect the community.